Violate Common Sense: Particularity - Soul

4. - 6. August 2016

Outreach Music Festival moves the people the world over in 2016 with "Violate Common Sense: Particularity - Soul".


Werkstattkonzert zu Weihnachten

18.12.2015 - 19:00 - Archengasse 11 - 6130 Schwaz

Es trompetet auch zu Weihnachten sehr. Wir geben hiermit zu, dass die Geschichte mit der stillen Zeit nicht so wirklich funktioniert. Für alle unsere Outreach Friends - Facebook virtuell und im wirklichen Leben - veranstalten wir wieder das Weihnachtskonzert in der Hacklmusic Werkstatt in Schwaz am 18. Dezember um 19 Uhr in bester Outreach Tradition mit Franzis großartigen Trompeterkollegen Bernhard Nolf, Gerhard Fluch und Peter Oswald. mehr


Outreach brings the international Jazz Scene to Schwaz


Internationally renowned music lecturer are teaching in the workshops


Come and sniffle.
Daily Tickets for 5 Euro for everyone till 25 of age.

Simplicity Most Wanted (2015)

Asymmetry is largely perceived abstract and often understood as part of a system. But behind every asymmetry puts a personal destiny. These stories of interest and arouse curiosity.

Partner Cities

Outreach Music presents 2014 a further innovation in the music industry. The outreach partner cities. Founded by people with a passion for music. From now on they carry the "Spirit of Outreach Music" as an Outreach Ambassador into the world.

Travel comfortably

Traveling by train to the Outreach Festival is comfortable and safe. The first 25 festival-goers who shows a train ticket and an accommodation confirmation from the Silver Region Karwendel on the outreach cash recieve as a 'thank you' 100 euros in cash back.

Find a Hotel

Here you can quickly and easily book the accommodation of your choice. Be welcome in Schwaz and the Silver Region Karwendel and look forward to a great time and breathtaking festival.

Outreach  2015

Two decades of successful outreach festivals make you want more.
2015 is the starting point for the next 20 years. With many innovations and international innovations. Here we go!

Outreach Partners

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