Petro Krysa


Ukrainian-Canadian violinist Petro Krysa feels equally at home playing a concerto in a concert hall or rocking out with a funk band in a nightclub.  In addition to being a violinist in the Vancouver Opera Orchestra in Vancouver, BC and the Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra in Seattle, he has performed with several Seattle bands such as Mts. & Tunnels, Cracker Factory, Andy Coe Band, Abney Park and others. Mr. Krysa performed in major concert halls of North America, Europe and Asia as well as at classical and jazz festivals nationally and abroad. Petro performs on a rare 300 year old Italian violin made by Alessandro Mezzadri and also a five string electric violin. Most recently he picked up a trumpet and singing as well. Petro divides his busy professional and family schedule between Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto and Lisbon.

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